Our training is $120 per term. Our training term is the same with school terms for Victoria except we do not have holiday. However, our training centre will close during the Christmas Break and Public Holidays.


Fees for family

Families with 3 or more students:
For families with two paying students, the training fee for the third or more student will be at 50% discount per term.

Families with 2 child students and parents attend training:
Families with two or more children paying full fees, there is no training fee for the parents.

Annual Insurance:
$60 per student (including parents) annually.

Training Notice (Important)

As from term 4 of 2019, all Vovinam St Martin disciples will have to attend training every week, Monday and Wednesday from 5pm – 7pm.

For any reason that you cannot attend your training please contact your instructor.

For Blue belt disciples:
If you miss more than four weeks (8 sessions) of training within the 6 months, you will not be allowed to participate in grading for minimum of 6 months.

For Blue III and Yellow Belt disciples:
As the grading period for Blue III and Yellow belt is 12 months, disciples who miss over 4 weeks (8 practice sessions) will not be allowed to grade for 6 months. Anyone missed more than 6 weeks (12 training sessions) will be prohibited from grading for 12 months .
Exceptions may apply for students in year 12 – see your instructor.

Membership Application and Grading Form:

  • Please click here for Membership Application form
  • Please click here for Grading Form
158 Military Rd, Avondale Heights VIC 3034
Mon & Wed : 05:00 - 07:00 PM
0412 543 968