On Sunday 31st of April, the St Martin’s parish picnic was held at Brimbank park. The day was nice, even though it rained a little bit on and off. Everyone brought food to share. There was food from all different cultures, and it was all shared throughout the picnic.

The overall environment was very welcoming and there were a lot more people this year than last year, which was great to see. Some children’s activities included tunnel ball, dribbling the ball, egg and spoon race and sack races. A playground for the smaller children was entertaining too. For the adults, there were bocha and a sack race.
We were also entertained watching a martial arts group that did a Lion Dance performance for everyone as well as showed us some martial arts. This was free for everyone to watch and we have enjoyed the dancing
and the skills shown in the performances. This martial arts group holds their program at St Martins hall.

Towards the end everyone there took a group photo like all of the picnics. These picnics that are being held, gives a chance and a time to communicate, share and bond with the community within the parish. It is a time to reflect and remember that the one thing that we all have in common and that brings us all together is our love for God! We all hold our faith very close to our hearts and the picnic is a time to spend some time with our brothers and sisters of God. These picnics are a way to communicate to the parish community as well as mass. This is the fourth picnic that we have created and been to and so far they have been very successful in bringing together the community. Hopefully this leads to a more welcoming and stronger community.
Everyone is looking forward to holding more future picnics and hopefully building a stronger bond throughout the St Martins community.

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