Blue belt: Represents the color of Hope. This rank signifies the hope that a new Vovinam disciple will further discover, study and succeed in the art of Vovinam.

Yellow belt: Represents the color of the Earth. This rank signifies the art of Vovinam has become an unbreakable part of Vovinam disciple’s body.

Red belt: Represents the color of Fire. This rank signifies the art of Vovinam has become a guilding torch for the Vovinam disciple.

White belt: Represents the color of Purity. This rank signifies the art of Vovinam has reached its highest standard – the Patriarch of Vovinam.

RankVietnamese nameBelt colorTraining periodName
TỰ VỆTự VệBlue Self defending beginner
NHẬP MÔNNhập MônNavy Blue6 monthsConfirmed practitioner
1 CAPLam Đai NhấtNavy Blue6 monthsConfirmed practitioner
2 CAPLam Đai NhịNavy Blue6 monthsConfirmed practitioner
3 CAPLam Đai TamNavy Blue1 yearConfirmed practitioner
HOÀNG ĐAIHoàng ĐaiYellow1 yearInstructor
1 DANGHoàng Đai NhấtYellow2 yearsProfessor
2 DANGHoàng Đai NhịYellow2 yearsProfessor
3 DANGHoàng Đai TamYellow3 yearsProfessor
4 DANGChuẩn Hồng ĐaiRed3 yearsProbationer Master
5 DANGHồng Đai NhấtRed4 yearsMaster
6 DANGHồng Đai NhịRed5 yearsMaster
7 DANGHồng Đai TamRed5 yearsMaster
8 DANGHồng Đai TứRed5 yearsMaster
9 DANGHồng Đai NgũRed5 yearsMaster
10 DANGHỒNG ĐAI LỤCRed5 yearsMaster
BẠCH ĐAIBẠCH ĐAIWhite Patriarch Master